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Akron OH 44320
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Experienced in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of joint,
muscle and nerve problems.

We believe people of all ages can greatly benefit from our care, not just for back pain
or headaches but for most chronic conditions. We are dedicated to giving you a
freedom from pain and helping you become healthy over-all. We hope you'll take the
time to see what Jackson’s Chiropractic, Acupuncture & Rehabilitation Center has to offer you.
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Jackson's Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center is an all-purpose,
one-stop shop for injuries that involve adults, injured workers, athletes and seniors.
No referral is needed not even for acupuncture

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Matthew Gajkowski D.C., D.A.C.R.B. 
Board Certified in Rehabilitation
-Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

-Certified Worker’s Compensation Provider

-Certified in Acupuncture

-Certified in EDx testing (EMGs)

-Cetified in Functional Movement Screen (FMS)


Over 20 years of experience

Affiliated with The Collis Group (Spine & Orthopedic Institute). 
Flexion Distraction
Physical Therapy
Manipulation (including old fashioned manipulation as well as newer methods)
Full program of low-tech rehabilitation

Sports Physicals 
Work Physicals
DOT physicals (Department of Transportation Physicals) for truck drivers
Functional Movement Screen (FMS) exams
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome testing (we can provide all the testing needed to arrive at this diagnosis) 
-Post-surgical rehabilitation (rehab after knee, shoulder, hip, carpal tunnel, back and neck surgeries)
-Balance boards

-Custom made foot inserts (orthotics)
-Medicare Diabetic Shoe Program
-Physio Balls 
-Jump Stretch bands
-Electrodiagnositic testing (EMG’s)
-Webster Technique

-Most insurances accepted and filed
-Certified Ohio Worker's Compensation Provider

-Evening appointments
-Walk-in and same day appointments welcome

We Treat

Low back pain · Neck pain · Headaches · Mid back pain · Shoulder pain · TMJ ·

Shoulder problems · Numbness & Tingling · Carpal Tunnel · Whiplash ·

Hip & knee problems · Other joint and muscle problems ·

What do we treat?
We treat musculoskeletal injuries. This basically means
anything to do with the muscles, joints, tendons and
ligaments of the body. Whether it be a low back problem,
headaches, neck pain, carpal tunnel, shoulder or knee
problem we can help. We also treat injuries that might
involve compromise of the nervous system like herniated
discs, numbness or tingling in the arms, hands, legs or
feet. These are the injuries that are very common in today’s
busy lifestyle.

We start solving your problem immediately. Whether it is a major injury or a small,
nagging problem, every situation is treated aggressively in order to get you back in your game.


We perform sports and work physicals and posture exams!!!

Accepting New Patients

Auto Accidents, Work Related Injuries, Medicare, Worker's Compensation, Personal Injury

Certified Worker's Compensation Provider

Most insurances accepted

Right off the I-77 Copley Road Exit (Maple Valley, West Akron).

On the corner of Copley and Valdes.


Call (330) 836-8661 for an appointment

-Handicap accessible and right on a major bus line

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Treatment and Rehabilitation
Education and Prevention
Auto Accidents
Work Injuries

Just for Seniors


Diagnosis and Evaluation

  Although every person and every injury is different, an evaluation of your condition is an
important step in correcting injuries. After the diagnosis is determined,
we will discuss treatment options with you and structure the best program possible
considering your individual problem, body structure and activity level.


Biofreeze and Sole Supports orthotics are available.